The Fame Baphomet II 5 is a handmade noble bass, which not only convinces with an extremely chic wood selection, but also with optimal playing characteristics and a versatile sound. Accordingly, the four-stringer has a slightly arched body made of Black Limba with intense grain and a six-piece bolted neck made of mahogany and maple, whose flat “D” profile fits comfortably in the hand. Two active MEC Jazz single coil pickups and an active 2-band tone control from the same company also ensure a versatile sound spectrum that skilfully covers every genre with high assertiveness. The Fame Baphomet II is also well equipped on the hardware side with a WSC SI4 bridge and precise WSC JB15 tuners.

  • 5-string electric bass, made in Gdansk
  • Black Limba body
  • Slight body arching for a comfortable fit to the body
  • Six-bolt, five-piece mahogany maple neck
  • Pau Ferro fingerboard with dot inlays
  • “D” neck profile
  • Two active MEC Jazz single coil pickups
  • Active MEC BEC2 2-band tone control
  • WSC JB15 bass machine heads
  • WSC SI4 bass bridge


First class woods and superior playability

For the construction of the Fame Baphomet II only hand-selected woods are used, which guarantee optimal sound and playing characteristics. Accordingly, the body made of light Black Limba supports a powerful sound, while the gentle arching guarantees a comfortable fit to the player. The five-piece neck made of mahogany with separating maple veneers is screwed six times for an especially stable connection and offers best playing characteristics with a slim “D” profile over all 24 frets of the Pau Ferro fingerboard.

Fame Baphomet II with indestructible hardware

Last but not least, the Fame Baphomet II 4 is equipped with indestructible hardware that guarantees long-lasting playing pleasure with unlimited functionality. Accordingly, the massive WSC SI4 bass bridge on the body supports the even sound development, while four individual string tabs ensure optimal adjustment of intonation and string position. On the headstock, four encapsulated WSC JB15 tuners ensure accurate and stable tuning of the four-stringer.

MEC pickups and electronics

The electrical tone conversion of the Fame Baphomet II 4 is done by two active MEC Jazz Single Coils. Equipped with ceramic magnets, the pickups convince with a particularly transparent sound that combines a high assertiveness with all-round capabilities for almost every musical style. Besides the volume and balance controls, the Fame Baphomet II 4 also offers an active MEC BEC2 2-band tone control. With treble and bass controls on a double potentiometer, the equaliser allows you to adjust the sound precisely, with first-class musical tuning even at extreme settings.

FAME – Handmade in Europe

When you hold and play a FAME bass, you feel the years of expertise and dedication of the instrument makers, most of whom are musicians themselves. “Little-known instrument makers with a special eye for detail” – this is exactly true: Mayones pays attention to the quality and subtle elegance of the products. They used only the best woods – carefully dried and stored.


FAME Baphomet II 4-string

only 949 EUR