Fans who missed out on the limited special edition now have another opportunity to secure a genuine Peter Maffay acoustic guitar. In addition to the noble matte black design, the brand-new signature model impresses with its comprehensive functionality, which is completed by a custom-made pickup system. At the same time, the solid wood top ensures a balanced and powerful sound that easily asserts itself during strumming and picking. At the same time, the flat neck is particularly pleasing for beginners and advanced players alike, because it has a very grippy profile that harmonises excellently with the slight radius of the fingerboard and the slim 43 mm nut width. This means that all 20 frets can be reached and operated comfortably. This is supported by the generous cutaway, which allows optimised access to the high registers. At the same time, the black die-cast tuners guarantee precise tuning of the 6 steel strings, while the compensated bridge inlay and saddle ensure clean intonation over the entire 650 mm scale. The visual highlights are undoubtedly the Fame Forum headstock with signature inlay, the wooden bindings and the white custom laser engraving on the top.

  • Electro-acoustic acoustic guitar in Grand Auditorium design
  • Peter Maffay Signature-Edition with autograph inlay on the headstock
  • Solid spruce top with wood binding
  • Mahogany back and sides
  • Reinforced mahogany neck with HPL fingerboard
  • Compensated bridge inlay and 43 mm wide bone nut
  • Fame-Forum headstock with black die-cast tuners
  • Pickup system with volume, bass and treble controls
  • Pickguard and control plate with riffle look
  • Peter Maffay custom trussrod cover
  • White custom laser engraving
  • Thin, matt black lacquer finish


Solid workmanship and valuable woods

To generate a clear and balanced sound, the top is made of solid spruce. Spruce is ideally suited for the construction of high-quality musical instruments because of its fine grain and its outstanding sound characteristics. Below the sound hole is the initial “M” in white, which tastefully contrasts the matt black colouring of the body. The top is bordered by a filigree, multi-layered rosewood binding, which perfectly matches the rosewood bridge and the delicate, light-coloured soundhole rosette. To protect the top wood from scratches, an extensive checkerboard is positioned below the soundhole.

Functional electronics

To round off the Peter Maffay Signature model in terms of functionality, an extensive custom pickup system is built into the body. The pressure exerted by the strings on the bridge inlay and the piezo element underneath directly picks up the acoustic sound of the acoustic guitar and sends it to the amplifier. In addition, the output signal can be individually adjusted via three potentiometers mounted on the top. Thus, the overall volume, bass and treble frequencies can be adjusted. The active system is powered by a 9 V block battery, which is located in a battery compartment in the lower frame.

Hardware and design

The compensated bridge inlay and the 43 mm wide bone nut ensure clean intonation of the strings, which can be easily and precisely tuned with the help of the black Fame die-cast tuners. Peter Maffay’s signature in the form of a filigree inlay sits enthroned between the tuners, perfectly matching the mother-of-pearl binding of the special headstock. In addition, the headstock is equipped with a Peter Maffay custom trussrod cover. In addition, a specially designed label is glued into the sound hole of the guitar, which shows Peter Maffay’s silhouette as well as his autograph.


Fame J-20-12

only 329 EUR


Fame Koa Standard

only 499 EUR


Fame AS 2000

only 699 EUR


Fame Koa Deluxe

only 925 EUR


Fame DC-32

only 279 EUR